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Farm Rules

Honey Tree Stables always strives to put the well-being of the horse first, so it is imperative that our facility is well maintained and that each and every member of the HTS family adheres to the following guidelines. If at any time you are unsure about anything, please ask.


o Clean up any and all droppings that your horse leaves in the crossties/wash stall/aisle ways/etc.
          • This includes manure, hoof pickings, urine, hair, etc.
          • If your horse urinates, absorb it with shavings and then sweep it up
o Thoroughly hose out the wash stall after you use it


o Hose wet mud off field horses’ legs before riding
o Tack up your horse in the crossties or in a stall, DO NOT USE AISLE WAY
          • This is disrespectful to the barn staff working to maintain a clean facility
          • It is also dangerous given the location of our three breeding stallions
o Groom before and after riding
o Always pick hooves, especially before riding
o Wrap legs or use approved splint boots if jumping
o Make sure horse is cool and no saddle marks are present before returning them to their stall or the field
o RETURN HORSE TO WHERE YOU GOT IT FROM (unless otherwise instructed)


o Helmet MUST be worn while mounted
o Absolutely NO jumping unless Sarah has given you permission
o NO SMOKING on grounds

​o AT NO POINT should a customer handle a boarder's horse without permission. Failure to abide by this rule will result in disciplinary action.


o Only use appropriately labeled schooling tack, DO NOT use clients’ tack
o Only use the CWD leather cleaner on CWD saddles
o Clean your bit, bridle, and saddle after every use
o Wrap bridle after cleaning
o Put saddle pads in the laundry room only if they are soaked with sweat or extremely dirty; otherwise, put them back in the cabinet 
o Rewrap polo wraps and put back in cabinet if reusable; otherwise, put in laundry room (use your discretion or ask)


o Leave cross tie area in better condition than you found it
o Sweep up any mess you make when finished
o Put away all supplies you use


o Only used approved hack horses when hacking
o Make sure you record your lessons and hacks
o If something looks like it needs to be done and you have time, please help out! Ask the barn manager for suggestions

Outside dogs MUST BE LEASHED at all times when on farm property. Honey Tree Stables, Sarah Oelerich and the Oelerich Family, and HTS staff are not responsible for accidents or possible veterinary action. Bring your dog at your own risk and responsibility. 


o If a trainer is giving a lesson, ask permission before entering the ring

o If there are more than 5 horses in the ring, WAIT to get on your horse. A crowded ring is an unsafe ring.
          • Please wait in either the crosstie area or in your horse’s stall. Blocking the aisle way is incredibly unsafe, especially given  

             the location of our three breeding stallions.
          • Loitering outside the ring will not be tolerated.
o Riders who are lessoning always have the right of way. Work around them; if they are jumping, ask where they are going and stay out of their way.

          • If a horse is refusing a jump, stay at the opposite end of the ring in order to give both horse and rider space.
o When there are multiple riders in the ring, call out the track that you are taking.

          • In general, if passing a horse going the opposite direction: pass them on your left (like a car).

          • In general, when riding at different speeds: the slower speed stays on the inside track.

o Be respectful to the other riders in the ring, this is a shared facility

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! The HTS staff is always happy and ready to help.

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