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Honey Tree Stables prides itself on its outstanding lesson program, and Sarah has invested a lot of time and talent into building that reputation. Our program features a number of outstanding horses that are schoolmasters in their area of expertise, but will also challenge you to push your riding ability to the next level. Sarah has many top hunter, jumper, and equitation horses that can help you learn at home and can provide you with a fun and winning ride at all levels of horse showing from local shows to the 'A' Circuit horse shows.

Sarah's teaching technique is unique because of the emphasis she places on accomplishing each rider's personal goals.  She does this by providing riders with ground work lessons, mounted lessons, and putting riders in several different environments to build a rider's ability, confidence and attitude: in the ring, in the hunt field, and on the trails.  The more a rider dreams, the more Sarah pushes them to excel and fulfill their goals. 

At Honey Tree, each of our trainers bring years of experience and talent from a wide variety of disciplines. In addition to Sarah's extensive knowledge of hunter/jumpers, equitation, and foxhunting, having an eventing trainer at the stable also helps riders looking to better understand dressage or cross country fundamentals with a great source of training at their finger tips. While at Honey Tree, riders are encouraged to ride with all of our trainers, in order to benefit from a more well-rounded education.

Honey Tree Stables is always willing and eager to develop specialized lesson packages catered to the needs of individual students, as well as customized training packages for each individual horse.
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For more specifics, please contact the HTS staff at, we will be more than happy to work with you to develop the lesson or training plan that suits your needs.

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