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Boarding & Training

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Here at Honey Tree Stables, our standards are high, and we take every available measure to provide top feed and nutrition for all of our horses.

We do so by growing our own orchard grass and alfalfa hay, in addition to feeding a unique, custom grain, that was designed by Harry Oelerich over 35 years ago, and is made for us by Brubaker in Oxford, Ohio. This combination can be easily customized to fit your horse's individual nutritional needs. 

Though the cost of board varies depending on which of our three barns you choose, our high standard of horse care is universal. At Honey Tree, we believe that the basis of any successful partnership is a happy and healthy horse.

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Boarding Packages


All of our boarding packages include:

  • Daily Stall Cleaning

  • Feeding and Watering

  • Daily/Nightly Turn Out

  • Blanketing

  • Coordinated Blacksmith

  • Coordinated Vetrinary Care 

  • Daily Healthcare

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Front Barn


Board .....................................  $700.00


Board .....................................  $600.00


Middle Barn


Differentiation in boarding rates is due to the variation of location and size for each barn and does not reflect the quality of care. All Honey Tree horses receive the same high standard of care.  

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Due to a variety of potential, yet largely unpredictable expenses (e.g. increased hay prices), Honey Tree Stables reserves the right to issue additional surcharges.

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