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Flooding has devastated Louisiana in the recent weeks; along with thousands of people displaced, pets are also suffering greatly. The equestrian community in the flood zone has taken on countless rescue horses who have lost their homes, yet they are also short on supplies. Honey Tree Stables was happy to be able to contribute to a supply drive by sending bales of hay to assist in feeding horses who have been rescued/taken in by those able to help. Though our contribution may be small when looking at the big picture, this supply drive is just another example of the equestrian community coming together when our friends, near or far, are in need. If anyone is interested in taking part in anymore supply drives, please contact us and we can put you in touch with the right people!

As with any HTS blogpost, we have to brag about our homebred babies just a little bit! HTS baby Gideon went on his first pace event hosted by the Camargo Hunt Club in Owenton, KY! Gideon, like all of our stallion Ishmael's offspring, was level headed and trustworthy navigating the pace course with his novice rider!

Gideon taking in the view in Owenton, KY and staying calm, cool, and collected!

If you're looking for a stellar stallion for your own mare, check out Ishmael! His first crop of babies are coming of riding age these days and impress us more and more each day! Whether they're in the hunter ring, on a hunt, or trail riding for fun, these babies are level headed and easy, easy, easy! After all, their dad IS one of the best lesson horses on the farm!

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