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And We're Back!

Does anyone else feel like sometimes life gets going and they just can't keep up?! Things have been non-stop at the farm recently!

We had an amazing summer of summer sessions, lessons, horse shows, and so much more. Summer really brings out the best in all of our clients...something about all of that extra sleep.

We've got babies growing up, horses coming and going as Miami University starts back up, and horse shows piling up on the calendar, both at our own farm and across the state. Sarah has signed on as the new coach at Earlham College for their IHSA team and is very excited about what the future could hold for this small team!

We're gearing up for the next Jammin' Jumpers horse show which will take place on September 16th with a 10am start time. We will be having our paces and outdoor hunter classes in the morning before moving inside for the equitation and jumper section. We hope everyone can join us and take a pause from the busy beginning of the school year!

We've recently added a mailing list to our website in order to better reach people that may not have direct access to our clients or Facebook! We will be able to send updates about events that are being hosted here on the farm!

It's ta-ta for now from us, but there will be more updates about the goings on at Honey Tree Stables soon...we've lots to be excited for!

(We are also SUPER hip with our ability to us GIFs....and excited!)

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