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Hunting for Success

Every year, the Honey Tree Stables crew looks forward to competing at the Camargo Hunter Trials at Clippinger Field in Indian Hill, OH. Having an owner/trainer that grew up as a member of the hunt, our young riders are instilled with the tradition of fox hunting and encouraged to spread their wings and participate in events hosted by the organization.

This year was no different, and our riders really gave it their all...and the results prove it!

Emma Lake and Honey Tree's Sophie

2nd Walk/Trot Poles O/F

2nd Walk/Trot Poles O/F

2nd Walk/Trot Poles U/S

Reserve Champion, Walk/Trot Poles Division

Victoria Lake and Skye

3rd Crossrails Equitation O/F

4th Crossrails Equitation O/F

3rd Crossrails Equitation Flat

Meaghan Kursman and No Worries

1st Short Stirrup Equitation O/F

1st Short Stirrup Equitation Flat

2nd Short Stirrup Hunter O/F

3rd Short Stirrup Hunter O/f

1st 2' Hunter Derby

Rian DelVecchio and Outlaw's Arrow

1st Long Stirrup Equitation O/F

1st Long Stirrup Equitation Flat

2nd Long Stirrup Equitation O/F

Champion, Long Stirrup Division

Tatum Pencek and Outlaw's Arrow

3rd, Children's Handy Hunter

Cassidy Rayfield and Corduroy

1st Adult Amateur Handy Hunter

2nd Adult Amateur Hunter U/S

4th Adult Amateur Hunter O/F

Champion, Adult Amateur Hunter Division

2nd 3' Hunter Derby

Cassidy Rayfield (Corduroy) and Sarah Oelerich (Mr. Mugs)

2nd Hunter Pairs


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